Zero Tolerance for Perverts, Fibbers, Fakes, Spammers, and Scammers

I am always amazed at how many people try to use the anonymity of the Internet as a means of deceit.  On a dating site, these “frauds” will send out 100 emails for every 1 sent out by a “real” user.  This means, that if even only 1% of a dating site’s users are frauds, 1 out of every 2 emails you get will be junk!  If not kept in check, these frauds will overrun a dating site, quickly rendering it completely unusable by real users.

For this reason, here at Dating DNA, we have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for Perverts, Fibbers, Fakes, Spammers, and Scammers.

What are each of these groups?

Perverts – These are individuals who aren’t really here to meet anyone compatible for dating or relationships, but rather to get their thrills with casual “hook ups,” nude or suggestive photos and/or obscene messages to others.  There are already a million sites like this on the Internet.  Dating DNA is NOT for this group.

Fibbers – These are individuals who embellish their profiles so you’ll be interested in them, in the hope that one day they can meet you in person, and THEN convince you what they lied about doesn’t really matter.  Typical examples of this are lying about one’s: marital status, age, weight, profession, income, living situation, and so on.  At Dating DNA we believe there is someone out there for everyone, and if you’re simply honest about your situation, you’ll find your compatible match.

Fakes – These are sociopaths who create completely fake profiles to engage others in some Internet-only fantasy creation of theirs, with no intention of ever meeting you in person.  This is the 50-year old man who pretends to be the 21-year old woman.  It’s a strange phenomena that only a psychologist could truly understand, but I’m always amazed at how many of these sociopaths there are on the Internet.

Spammers – These are those who just join to “mine” for your personal email address so they can flood your inbox with junk mail for Viagra and home mortgages, or worse, viruses to infect your computer.

Scammers – The most dangerous of the lot, this group is after your personal information to drain your bank account, steal your identity, and use your credit cards.  They may do this by trying to plant spy ware on your computer, or more elaborate schemes to win your confidence over until you start providing the necessary personal information for them to take advantage of you financially.  Scammers may also ask you to send them money (maybe for a flight ticket to come visit you, etc.), or facilitate in the transfer of money or products.

Wow, sounds scary!  Maybe I shouldn’t meet people online?

It’s only scary if you and the site you’re on aren’t careful.  However, if we work together, these frauds will go away and find a home elsewhere.

What does Dating DNA do to keep the frauds off the site?

As I mentioned, here at Dating DNA, we have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for Perverts, Fibbers, Fakes, Spammers, and Scammers.  We loathe and despise them, and work hard to keep them far, far away from our site.  This can be particularly challenging because we are a free site, so it costs the frauds nothing to use our site for their deceitful acts.  The good news, however, is because our site is free, this also allows us to hit the delete key on an account without a second’s thought.  If we suspect someone of inappropriate behavior on our site, their account is immediately closed. Paid sites have to do all sorts of “investigations,” since they took your money.  Not us.  If you cross the line here, we delete your account.  Period.  We don’t want the 1% of frauds to ruin it for the 99% of honest singles using the site.  If we suspect there is financial fraud involved, we also report them to the appropriate government and policing agencies. So, Perverts, Fibbers, Fakes, Spammers, and Scammers should be put on notice:  Dating DNA is NOT fertile ground for your practices. You will simply waste a lot of time creating a profile and sending out emails, just to have your profile and emails deleted.

Dating DNA has a very sophisticated system of early detection for frauds.  Most won’t get even a few emails out before their account is closed.  We’re constantly improving our system, and you can help…

What can you do to protect yourself?

As good as our system is, you could still get one of the few emails that sneaks through from a fraud.  There are six things you can do to help protect yourself, and help us keep the site fraud-clean:

1. Don’t give out your personal email address to anyone on the site until after you are very confident they are legit. Most frauds will give you their email address very early in the process, and encourage you to contact them there.  They do this because if you email them, they now have your email address and can start contacting you directly.  Dating DNA has a very good messaging system that protects your privacy, is easy to use, keeps a great history of your conversations, etc., so there is no reason to give someone your email address early on.

2. NEVER give out personal information to someone that could be used to gain access to your financial accounts (passwords, social security numbers, home address, date of birth, etc.).

3. NEVER send money to anyone. This may seem obvious, but it’s easy to fall pray to the fake photo of a beautiful person who wants to fly to come visit you, but they say they need you to just help them pay for the ticket.  There is absolutely NO good reason to ever send money or goods to someone you don’t know.

4. Report anyone you even remotely suspect of being a fibber, fake, spammer, or scammer. There is a “Report” button just above new messages you receive.  If you get a message that sounds a little fishy, click the Report button and let us know.  We’ll investigate and remove the user if necessary.  Your help in reporting frauds will help keep the site clean of these annoying accounts.

5. Trust your instincts.  If someone seems too good to be true, they probably are. If you’re a 50 year old man, and a gorgeous 20 year old girl living thousands of miles away is falling all over you, telling you how special you are, it just might be an overseas male scammer looking to take advantage of you.

6. Look for evidence that the person is for real. Does their profile have links to MySpace, Facebook, or other social networking pages with lots of their photos, friends, etc.?  Have they posted videos of themselves?  Will they let you have a live video chat with them?  A video call is a great way to verify that people are in fact who they say they are.  Skype and other free video call services are easy to install and use.

In conclusion…

The Internet is a great place to find an apartment, buy a car, find a job, sell your house…it SHOULD be just as great of a place to meet someone to date, and it can be, if we work together to keep the frauds off our site!


Kevin Carmony
Founder, Dating DNA
DNA# 123-456-789
(I intentionally keep my Threshold set at 1, so feel free to
add me to your strand and shoot me an email anytime.)


47 Responses to Zero Tolerance for Perverts, Fibbers, Fakes, Spammers, and Scammers

  1. Scott says:

    Thank you for paying attention to this. I use to use the personal ads on Craigslist, but it is nothing but fakes trying to get my email address. Because they let it get out of hand, it’s completely worthless now.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Kathy says:


  3. Andrea says:

    I’ve found that most people on Dating DNA are real. Yes, a few have fibbed about their age or weight, but I do think the site does a good job of keeping out the spammers and frauds.


    DNA#: 139-495-683

  4. Bo Chen says:

    This site seems to be the answer to my prayers! Finally a site that matches people based on specific metrics reduced to a single nine digit “digital dna” sequence!

    It’s too bad that the user base is so far very tiny. I hope in time and with a lot of luck it could evolve into something so much more!

    As great as social networking sites are (myspace/facebook) have zero functionally when it comes to dating. Established sites such as paid services like refuse to change their business model and “open” up enough to where more people would actually pay to use it.

    So it is with supreme irony that the successes of the internet and web 2.0 have actually killed internet dating. It will take no less than a whopping miracle for something to come along and revive the spirit of what internet dating once was or could have been.

  5. Kevin says:

    You’re spot on Bo. We saw all the same things you’ve been seeing, and have been working hard on the technical side of things, and are now getting ready to move our attention more aggressively to marketing.

    I’ve started lots of businesses. There are always three layers that need to grow, IN UNISON, one can’t get too far ahead of the other. These layers are: 1) the technology, 2) the Channel, and 3) the Customer. You can have the best technology in the world, but if you don’t grow the customers, it will die. Likewise, you can market your little heart out, get tons of users, but if the technology doesn’t work for these users, they will leave and you will die (

    Dating DNA has tried to grow our user base gently, as we’ve improved the technology. I feel great about the pace at which we’ve grown. The technology has gotten a lot better (and lots more to come), so time now for us to do more with our marketing.

    Founder, Dating DNA
    Dating DNA User 123-456-789

  6. […] post to our Chat Walls at anytime, there’s no need to park in a “room,” and since we execute frauds and spammers at Dating DNA, you know everyone is real.  So you see, our Chat Walls solve all three of the big problems with […]

  7. Alfred says:

    You also seem to be an antidote to the sites with bogus users working for the site who send you messages enticing you to become a paid member so you can reply.

  8. Micheal Thomas says:

    You are very perfect keep it up …

  9. jibran says:

    hi my account has been closed and to my part i have abided by the rules mentioned and i am a new user just got registered yesterday. could you please help me.

  10. datingdna says:


    It looks like women in other countries flagged you. You live in Pakistan, so they flagged you for contacting them in Canada, the USA, etc.

    Dating DNA

  11. Dahveed says:

    Wow! Thanks Kevin! I really appreciate your commitment to keep out the lowlifes! I really wish I had signed up for this site a long time ago! I’m going to be sure to tell my friends.


  12. Orane says:

    Ok, I live in France and I contacted men in USA, but ONLY because I’m going to leave in LA in few months.. I’m trying to know people there before moving… I don’t understand what the problem is.. This is a dating site and I can’t date…

  13. datingdna says:

    Orane: You can search for users who live anywhere, but you have to have an accurate location for where you live currently. Most spammers and scammers are from outside of the US but target US users, so we’re very strict on that.

  14. George says:

    I have to commend you guys. You got a great system in action of Zero tolerance, but I’m getting disillusioned. I’ve been doing internet dating on various sites now almost 3yrs, and all I have to show for it, is only 2-3 real coffee dates with women who lied, were in real life much older than their photos, and basically unsuitable personality wise. I’ve encountered an overwhelming number of fakes and scammers to such a degree that my emotions are now completely numbed. And for the rest, I’m totally fed up with the rejections, often for no real reason, and those that don’t answer when I contact them. I’m overly suspicious of everyone who contacts me. I’m now on the verge of completely giving up and deleting all my accounts on other sites including here, because It really seems, there’s someone out there for everyone else, but not me.

  15. datingdna says:

    George: A dating site can’t help you close the deal, any more than a site like can help you get the job. All a dating site can do is try to help you become exposed to more people. The level of attraction, how well you personalities match, etc. will be up to you and the other person. As for scammers, you may want to try some of the paid sites, as they’ll have a lot less problems that way, as scammers don’t want to pay. It’s one of the downsides of a free site like ours, although we do a pretty good job of keeping them away, it’s not possible to keep them all away before they contact a few users.

  16. Kevin says:

    I cannot see why everytime, this website just delete me automatically or even just after I sign in…I can browse through..then suddenly I’m off…
    I never used any abusive language…so please help me…

  17. datingdna says:

    Kevin: As per the emails we send you each time, you keep uploading fake photos that are not you. Users are banned who do this repeatedly.

    Dating DNA

  18. Anonymous says:

    Some married men r here, stop them by checking their Facebook profile.

  19. datingdna says:

    Anonymous: Married people can be on the site, provided they show that they are married in their profile. If you find someone who isn’t honest about their profile, please report them by tapping on the Whistle icon or Report This User links.

  20. Benji says:

    Hi, my name is Benji and I’m probably exactly the type of guy you had in mind when you describe the over familiar weirdo, however I think I’m just misunderstood. You see, the problem with the Internet is that it doesn’t utilize Mans best communication techniques – body language, and tone of voice, which compromise 85% of our message, while our words only make up a mere 15%. I’ve made plenty of friends on DNA over the past year, however it took a long time for people to warm up to me, seeing as how I’m kind of a wise guy, and they have no way of knowing. Unfortunately, some people took me the wrong way when they were describing themselves as victims of cheating, and I went on to share my story as “a victim of cheating” and how I was sadly “caught in the act by my third wife” and how “painful it was to have to make up more lies to cover up all my other lies.” I then asked for some helpful advice. They didn’t take to kindly to my joke, and now I am banned. Most people found that funny, however some didn’t pick up on my failed attempt to make them laugh. Now I am writing to you in hopes that you can find it in your heart to re-activate my account. Thank you for your time.


  21. datingdna says:


    Not sure it was some “weirdo” personality thing. We reviewed your chat log and it most definitely did NOT belong on a G-rated site. It was pretty hard core, and certainly not G-rated.

    We get reports every day from women flagging someone, and when we go to send them a “thank you for flagging this user” message, we see they have removed their profile and left the service, probably because they were offended. This is why we take all this very serious. It scares users away, particularly women. As with most dating sites, for every woman there are two or three men, so the last thing we want to do is scare them away.

    Dating DNA

  22. Ramie says:

    I didn’t do anything. Some guys were discrnamting against me for no reason. And they reported me so I can get banned. Please bring me back 😦

  23. datingdna says:

    Ramie: The removal was warranted. We reviewed your chat room logs and found profanity, including dropping “f bombs” and calling other users a B#$%.

  24. Ugur says:

    Hey this is my second post.
    I want to know why are u banned me.
    I didn’t do anything illegal to your site.
    Also why are u delete my this post

  25. datingdna says:

    Ugur: We have zero tolerance for men who email women on the site for the first time with the only message being “Nice breasts!” (only using a even more offensive term). It’s this behavior that scares women away from online dating and why we have zero tolerance for it on our site. Last thing the men on the site want is having the women scared away.

    Dating DNA

  26. Ugur says:

    Now ok thanks for. Explain.

  27. Ugur says:

    If u warned before bann
    I was stop my messages like that.

  28. datingdna says:

    Ugur: As I said, we have a ZERO tolerance for this and so we don’t give “warnings.” We do this because our community prefers not to have people in it that are even capable of doing something like that. It’s not about us wanting users who can control such impulses, it’s about wanting people in our community who naturally respect women and would NEVER do something like that.

    Dating DNA

  29. Jessie says:

    My profile was deleted for no reason 😦

  30. datingdna says:


    As per the email you were sent at the time, no minors (under 18) are allowed on the site.

    Dating DNA

  31. Danny says:

    It’s funny how there are regulars that come into the chat room and pretty much keep this site fun and a little entertaining. Some comes in the lobby and starts a fight or being disrespectful to others. We try to stop it and report this. This person manages to come in the site and report us for no reason and we get banned.. Really? I don’t get it.

  32. datingdna says:

    As per your post…”Because I wanna get banned but wanna go out with a bang.” Mission accomplished.

    Dating DNA

  33. Chris says:

    I’m not sure, why I keep getting deleted from this site? I’m honest on everything I answer. Can someone just explain to me what I did wrong?

  34. datingdna says:

    Chris: You asked a user for money and will therefore never get back on the site. Users who ask for money get reported immediately and are removed. We’re a dating site, not a bank.

  35. Jane says:

    You deleted me from no reason pise Iam sorry can you pise inform me the problem I make because I love is website

  36. datingdna says:

    Jane: “We” didn’t delete you, the community did. A lot of men flagged your profile because you were hitting up men all over the world that lived too far away to reasonably date. For whatever reason, the men flagged you in how you contacted them.

  37. Robert says:

    Why have I been ban from

  38. datingdna says:

    Multiple users flagged your account for keep adding them after they have removed you, as well as you tried on several occasions to start sex chat rooms, i.e. “cybersex play room,” and “Robert’s cybersex play room.” All public areas of the site are G-rated. We have zero tolerance for bringing adult content to the public areas of the site, such as profiles, chat room names, etc. You might look into or one of the millions of other adult content sites. We’re not one of them.

  39. Rihanna says:

    Why have I been banned?

  40. datingdna says:

    Rihanna: Our service only operates in certain countries. You live in a country we do not operate in. We don’t sell the app into your country (South Africa), so we’re not sure how you even got it.

  41. fuexiong says:

    why my accunt is close

  42. datingdna says:

    Users flagged your profile because you said you lived in China, but were contacting the site from California. This is a common sign of a scammer.

  43. Ernest says:

    I have tried to register several times but this site keeps kicking me out despite my location availability. Those this implies that people from Africa (Nigeria) can not join a free Christian dating site? Something isn’t right here. I need an answer

  44. datingdna says:

    Ernest: We only operate in certain countries, Nigeria isn’t one of them. We only make available our app in the app store in those countries where we operate, so it’s not available in the Nigeria app store.

  45. Billy says:

    Why was my account banned?

  46. datingdna says:

    Billy: Several women flagged you. (Kept adding them once they blocked you, lied about your age, etc.) Again, “we” don’t block users, the community does. It’s pretty easy to keep other users happy if you’re honest, not annoying, etc. If you upset enough other users, and they flag you, the system removes you.

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