Revolutionizing Chat Rooms and Forums

Dating DNA introduces “Chat Walls” as first steps in revolutionizing online forums and chat rooms.

With our exclusive and patented “drive-by” compatibility scoring, Dating DNA is in a unique position to completely rethink how online forums and chat rooms could work, especially for singles.  Today, we’re taking our first steps in that direction with the introduction of “Chat Walls.”  (NOTE:  If you don’t have a Dating DNA Number, you can view a screenshot of a Chat Wall here.)

In this blog I’ll talk about chat rooms, but you’ll see how all the same concepts of “drive-by” compatibility scoring can apply to forums as well.

As you know, Dating DNA is all about social networking and meeting people in a more natural way than with traditional dating sites.  You would think that chat rooms would be ideal for this, as they can be a fun way to socialize over the Internet and provide real-time communication with others.  However, chat rooms have three BIG problems:

1) Parking not Chatting. Since you have to be “in” a chat room to see what is going on, people will often “park” in a room so they can go back later and scroll through the conversation, or perhaps in hopes someone will stumble upon their profile and email them.  The problem is, you end up in a room with everyone parking and no one chatting!

2) Inconsistent Profiles. When deciding who to strike up a conversation with, all you have to go by are the screen names in the room directory and MAYBE some half-baked profiles.  Screen names like “FunnyOne,” “2Hot4U,” and “Zozo33412b” don’t provide much help, so you have to start clicking on everyone’s profile (each can take a long time to load) only to find out they have nothing in their profile, or if they do, you learn they are of the wrong gender, live on the other side of the world, and so on.

3) Bots & Frauds. When you finally DO get someone to chat or Instant Message you, you find out it’s a computerized “bot” trying to get you to wire your life savings to Ghana.


This is a typical scenario:

1. John goes into a chat room.
2. He looks down the list of user names in the room and tries to figure out which screen names are male or female.
3. He then starts opening up profiles, and hopes there will be some indication as to the person’s gender, age, location, photos, etc.  It’s a long, tedious process and is hit and miss, so…
4. John says to the chat room, “A/S/L?”  (Age, Sex, Location?)
5. Since so many people in the room are “parking,” only a very small percentage answer John, so…
6. John starts to indiscriminately private message everyone in the chat room with “A/S/L?”

And so it goes…it can take John forever to find someone who meets even the three most basic criteria of age, sex and location.  So, eventually he gives up and logs off, as do most “real” people, leaving the room full of parkers and bots.

Now comes the future of chat with Dating DNA’s new Chat Walls.

Today, Dating DNA is introducing “Chat Walls,” which address all three of the problems found in chat rooms.

Because Dating DNA has encapsulated over 300 pieces of information about you into your 9-digit Dating DNA Number, we can let you know who you’re compatible with THE INSTANT you go into a chat room.

See compatibility scores instantly for all posters.

See compatibility scores instantly for all posters.

Here is a typical situation for John now:

1. John selects a Chat Wall.
2. John scans the last several posts, and next to each post is the person’s photo, first name, and John’s compatibility score with that person!
3. Within seconds, John is contacting and posting to someone who scored an 8.3 with him (out of 10) .  They are not only the right A/S/L for him, but dozens of other things as well (smoking, religion, hobbies, etc.).

The key thing here is that the Compatibility Scores displayed (6.8, 8.7, 5.7, etc.), will be different for everyone looking at a Chat Wall, because the score is based on YOUR compatibility with each person.  The numbers shown will be different for you vs anyone else.  You simply go to a Chat Wall, look for high scores, and zoom in on those people to chat with.

Because you can read and post to our Chat Walls at anytime, there’s no need to park in a “room,” and since we execute frauds and spammers at Dating DNA, you know everyone is real.  So you see, our Chat Walls solve all three of the big problems with chat rooms.

Dating DNA’s Chat Walls are quite revolutionary, and I believe will be yet another unique feature you’ll find only at Dating DNA. There is a lot more I could say about Chat Walls, but I will save that for a future blog.  For now, suffice it to say that we have big plans for our Chat Walls, and we will be adding a lot more features to them in the coming days.

I hope you’ll take a look at our new Chat Walls and make a post and say hi.  Come join the conversation!


Kevin Carmony
Founder, Dating DNA
DNA# 123-456-789
(I intentionally keep my Threshold set at 1, so feel free to
add me to your strand and shoot me an email anytime.)


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  1. Chad says:

    Awesome feature!

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