New Match Game—No DNA Number Required!

Now EVERYONE can experience Dating DNA

We wanted a fun way for everyone to experience the essence of Dating DNA without having to have a Dating DNA Number.  Up until now, to really understand what Dating DNA was, you had to create an account, complete the questionnaire, and have a Dating DNA Number.  This is no longer the case!

Today we launched a quick, fun little game called “Match Game.”  Match Game allows anyone to experience the fundamentals of Dating DNA without having an account.  Because we’re a no-cost, ad-free site, we don’t have much of a marketing budget so we rely heavily on our users to spread the word about Dating DNA.  It is our hope that this new game will become a helpful tool for users to tell their friends and family about Dating DNA.

I’ll explain more about the game below, but why not just give it a try? Here is the link to play the game with my Dating DNA profile:

Click image to play game with my profile.

Click image to play game with my profile.

The concept is very straight forward and you can play an entire game in just a few minutes.  You simply try to match which of the four Dating DNA users on the right has the highest Compatibility Score with the user on the left. You get 10 points if you guess the most compatible user, 5 for the second most compatible, and 0 for the third, but watch out, you LOSE 5 points if you guess the LEAST compatible person!  You play ten rounds for a total of 100 possible points and can enter your name if you make it to the High Score chart.

Real People — Actual Dating DNA Users

What makes this game so interesting is that all of the people featured are real people and active users of Dating DNA.  Simply click the “Meet Me” link if you spot someone you’d like to get to know better and to see if you meet their Compatibility Threshold.

Random Play, Yourself or Friends

You can play the game with either a random man or woman, OR for a lot more fun, you can play it using your own profile or that of a friend.

Use YOUR Match Game Link to Tell Your Friends about Dating DNA

The main reason we invested the time to build this game was to provide our users with a fun and non-obtrusive way to invite their friends to take a look at Dating DNA.  Rather than emailing your friends to join Dating DNA (not that there is anything wrong with that =), you can now simply email them your Match Game Link for the game.  This will allow your friends, without logging into anything, to play the game with YOUR profile.  Your Match Game Link is simply:  For example, my Match Game Link is  You can also use the “Send to a Friend” button to forward your link to others.  I hope you’ll email everyone you know and see which of your friends scores the highest with your profile.

Your Privacy

The Dating DNA users shown on the right side of the game have opted in to this and other promotions. Your photo or profile will NOT be used in the right side of the game unless you opt in. As you know, one of the great things about Dating DNA is that your photos and profile are kept hidden from the general public and are only shown to those who are compatible with the rules YOU set.  (Click here and scroll down to the last question to adjust your promotion settings.)

I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts about this new game and hope you’ll discuss it with me and other users on the Chat Walls here.  Let us know what you think as well as how high you scored with my profile!


Kevin Carmony
Founder, Dating DNA
DNA# 123-456-789
(I intentionally keep my Threshold set at 1, so feel free to
add me to your strand and shoot me an email anytime.)


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