Community Monitoring: The Dating DNA Community Decides Who to Reject

Some of you may be familiar with some of the early controversy with eHarmony’s acceptance practices.  eHarmony didn’t let just anyone join their site, and they “rejected” a good number of applicants. jumped on this to poke fun at eHarmony with a series of commercials.  Many spoofs cropped up on YouTube about eHarmony’s policy of rejecting users.

I always thought it was a mistake for to poke fun at eHarmony for rejecting users. All this did was promote eHarmony and the fact that they didn’t let every weirdo on their site.  How is that a bad thing?  (Unless, of course, you’re a weirdo. =) was PAYING to tell the world that eHarmony users were a cut above, since they weeded out all the nuts who welcomed in.  Something tells me eHarmony was grateful for the free advertising.

See this YouTube spoof to see what I’m talking about:

Anyone who has had ANY social interaction on the Internet knows there are some crazy people on the Internet. Fakes, frauds, spammers, porno peddlers, perverts, and just plane loons.  This is why I support eHarmony in their efforts to keep these people from their site.  The challenge for eHarmony, however, is that they have to play judge and jury as to who to boot and who to let in.  That’s a pretty heavy job for any one person or organization, and you have to spend time defending your decisions.

At Dating DNA, we too believe not just anyone should be part of our community here, but WE (employees at Dating DNA) have no desire to play judge and jury with who stays and who goes, so here at Dating DNA we let our community decide who to “reject.”

Throughout the website, we make it easy to “report” a user. For example, anytime you receive an email from a user, we provide a convenient link to quickly, with just a click or two, report the user for any number of reasons.  If enough users report the same user they are automatically deleted and sent the following email:

Subject:  Account Deleted

Your Dating DNA account has been automatically deleted based on feedback from the Dating DNA community.  Also, any messages you had sent have been deleted from the inbox of those you emailed.

The Dating DNA system allows users to flag others if they feel they are behaving in some inappropriate, offensive, fraudulent, or off-putting manner.  If enough users report the same user, the system automatically deletes that user’s account.

Users will report other users for any number of reasons, including things such as:

– Using profanity or offensive language in profiles, emails or on the Forums (The site and Forums are “G” rated)
– Posting nude, suggestive or offensive photos (Photos must be “G” rated)
– Posting a fake photo that’s not really you
– Indiscriminately emailing users who live in other countries or far away
– “Cheesy” of vulgar come-on lines, or over familiarity with people you’ve just met on the system
– Being under the age of 18
– Suspected fraud or scam
– Using the site to sell products or services
– Posting personal information, phone numbers, etc. on the Forums.
– Rude comments or behavior
– Or just plain creeping someone out

Regardless of the reasons, the bottom line is that you, in some way, offended enough of our users that your account has been deleted.

Because we are a free site, we are quick to allow the community to remove users who they find off putting.  We let our community decide who fits in and who doesn’t.

Dating DNA

It may seem harsh that we just automatically let the community delete users, without any warning or probation.  Yes, it IS harsh, but we have zero tolerance for people who try to disrupt our community. There are plenty of other places on the Internet for those who want to pull all the nonsense listed above.  Our requirements to be accepted here are pretty simple and straight forward:  be respectful, real and keep it clean, stuff anyone should have learned by 1st grade.  I think it’s a good thing for Dating DNA users to know that if they go around offending others in the community, that their account will automatically be deleted, along with their answers to the questionnaire, their Friends List, and all their emails.

I would encourage you to please report users who you feel have crossed the line.  You won’t be able to toss them on your own, it will take other users reporting the same person, but where there’s smoke there’s fire, so please add to a user’s black checks if you find them behaving inappropriately.  I think Dating DNA has done a good job of keeping our community free from the less desirable elements, by nipping them in the bud early and quickly.  Your help to continue to do that is appreciated.  This is YOUR site, so please help us keep it a comfortable place to spend time.

Oh, and, if you want to spend millions promoting the fact that Dating DNA rejects users, we’d welcome the help!

Kevin Carmony
Founder, Dating DNA
DNA# 123-456-789
(I intentionally keep my Threshold set at 1, so feel free to
add me to your strand and shoot me an email anytime.)


194 Responses to Community Monitoring: The Dating DNA Community Decides Who to Reject

  1. Kevin,

    I noticed your “Subject: Account Deleted” example has a misspelled word; the last bullet item says:

    – Or just plan creeping someone out

    it should say:

    – Or just plain creeping someone out

    I know how hard it is to catch all the spelling errors. Anyway, just wanted you to know.

    David Hubbard

  2. datingdna says:

    Thanks David! We fixed the typo.


  3. Jesse-Brice says:

    I was deleted today for no reason. I read the reasons why i could have been deleted, and i dont find myself to fall into any of them. And it REALLY aggravates me because i was right in the middle of getting to know someone and then BAM! I was deleted. This is the second time something has gone wrong with my DatingDNA account, first time my account was lost because of a data base crash or something, and now this.

  4. datingdna says:

    No reason? Why would several users in the community report you for no reason? You must be 18 to use this site. Users are pretty quick to report those who are under age on the site. The system also keeps a log of rejected email addresses of under aged users and will remove them automatically if they re-join.

  5. Jesse-Brice says:

    Well then that cant be the reason. I am over 18. And all my pictures were PG, and i was kind and un-crude to everybody. So like i said before, very aggravated.

  6. datingdna says:

    Don’t make us call your mother. 😉

  7. Jered says:

    It’s an awesome policy, I’m still skeptical about meeting people online (I’ve had the unfortunate experience of encountering the stereotypical anti-social types again and again and again), but so far this seems awesome, between community regulation and lack of spam/ads/bots it’s a refreshing break from the nightmare that is normally internet dating. Great job, dating dna!

  8. datingdna says:

    Thanks Jered. And great job to the community for quickly reporting abuse. Most abuse is reported and removed from the site within hours. We’re very pleased with how diligent the community is in reporting under aged users, inappropriate photos, and so on. Many in our community are very good at spotting fake photos (with tools like TinEye) and reporting those users. Keeping the undesirables from the site has been a key priority for us from day one, and always will be. The bigger the “good” community grows, the harder it becomes for someone to get away with things on the site, as they are so out numbered. This prevents things from being overrun with nonsense. (See Craigslist personal ads to see what can happen if you let things run out of control. Craigslist is great for buying and selling, but their personal ads are all but useless because the community their let it go that way.) We’re adding more tools to help the community report abuse even more effectively, such as adding Report User buttons for any forum post, as well as Report buttons for Matches in the iPhone App. Both of these features are coming soon.

  9. Mehdi says:

    I deleted today for a reason I don’t know…this is making me sick,because I really love this website ,and I read the reasons of why i could be deletedand I DIDN’T encountered any of them,so I’d be happy to know why this deletion.this is really making me sick.

  10. datingdna says:

    Only the community can say for sure, but out “guess” would be that perhaps you emailed a lot of people who live far away or in other countries. It’s not uncommon for someone to report a user who emails them from another country with some generic sounding email. If you email several people who live far away, the chances of enough of them reporting you goes up.

  11. Jesse-Brice says:

    see! people are being deleted for unknown reasons! There is a problem with your system and you need to fix it.

  12. datingdna says:

    Just because someone isn’t happy that the community rejected them, doesn’t mean it’s not working. (In fact, it’s usually a sign it IS working.) It’s up to each individual in the community to decide if someone creeps them out, is spamming them indiscriminately from out of the country, is being rude, etc.

    This is a free site and service. We get to set the rules, not you. And the rules we’ve set are simple, if you offend enough users of the community here, you’re tossed. Sucks for those who get tossed perhaps, but is great for the rest of the community who are here for the right reasons and following common sense standards of courtesy, are real, and of age. It’s easy for a few to ruin it for the many. At Dating DNA, we believe in empowering the many to toss out the few who disrupt it for everyone else.

    Some items WE will delete your profile for immediately, such as nude or inappropriate photos, being under 18, obscene post on the Forum, etc. But for the most part, we leave it up to the community.

  13. Mike says:

    First of all… Yes, some people were “freaks” were removed from EHarmony, but most were people who didn’t do anything wrong… They carried over there values of Christianity and began to judge… removeing people who are gay, did not meet there standards, and had little to no matches. And then covered it up by stateing it was bad to help them become a couple…

    This was the reason that jumped at them… to pick up the people who were not “good enouph” for EHarmony.

    This to me shows that there are people who are amazingly ignorent (and i mean “not knowing”) of how to treat people correctly…

    I hope that I will never see this site do that, and this letter makes it sound like something that is on the fence.

    I have had an account for one week, and had it deleted for no reason what so ever… there was one photo of me… and it one of my senior pictures… i did not communicate with anyone… i did not even have friends because i did not know how to work it on my IPod correctly… and it was deleted because someone decided to come along and randomly report me.

    Thus there is a big flaw in your system…
    Someone could just go up to anothers profile, create a lie, and butter you up to delete it. Its simply needs fixed, and if my profile get deleted again, i’ll just give up on this site.

    So seriously, don’t become another EHarmoney, Have more reasons to remove someone than just a person who could even be one of those freaks, and if you are so tight up about not allowing freaks, ask for ID. Its that simple!

  14. datingdna says:

    Please read my blog. I specifically talk about eHarmony and how Dating DNA is NOT doing anything like eHarmony. I mention how their system is flawed for the very reasons you mention. At Dating DNA, we have no desire to play judge and jury, so we LET THE COMMUNITY decide who to reject. No one person can reject someone, it takes multiple reports of the same individual before they are deleted. (As I said, the only thing WE, the Dating DNA staff, will toss a user for are blatant rule violations, such as nudity, being under 18, etc.)

    Bottom line, we don’t even care what the behavior is, all we need to know is that enough users in the community found it objectionable. I’ve never seen anyone reported for common, normal, courteous behavior. Never. It just doesn’t happen. Why would multiple people report someone for no reason? They don’t. When we’ve spot checked some of those who are deleted, we ALWAYS find either a nude photo, cursing on the forum, someone under 18, someone spamming users, etc. We’ve never found the same user being reported by multiple people in the community for no reason. That just doesn’t happen. For example, we have yet to receive one report because someone was gay, a certain religion, etc. But yes, if someone goes on a forum and types how “hung” they are, and how they want to have phone sex because of how “horny” they are, chances are that user will end up being reported multiple times and tossed. Our site is intended for G (all) audiences, and it appears the community prefers that the site not be over run by obscenity, rudeness, racial remarks, spammers, etc.

    Respectable behavior shouldn’t be too much to ask for. We’ll never change this policy. We’ll take the site down before we let it be overrun by a minority of users behaving inappropriately. The difference between us and eHarmony, is we let the Community decide who they want to reject, and from what we’ve seen, it has worked very well.

    Kevin, Dating DNA

  15. John says:

    Yes Mike you’re so right…”there ARE people who are amazingly ignorent.” Such as those who can’t spell ‘ignorant’ (or ‘removing’ or ‘stating’ or who don’t know the difference between ‘there, their and they’re’, or ‘to, two and too’).

    Thank you Kevin and Dating DNA for not waivering on your very common sense policy! Keep up the good work.

  16. Excellent concept for the site, Kevin! I think your site has the best dating service I’ve found so far! I love the stength of the matching compatibility system! It works great and I love how easy it is to use! I definitely believe when the community has a say who is breaking the rules its definitely more fair! Awesome article as well!

    – Josh van Hulst

  17. Abdul says:

    Sounds like a good feature, but it should be worked through thoroughly.

    Some people might mark others as weirdos without really intending for that person to be banned or they might be marking them because of some other stupid reason, like thinking it’s funny, or “getting someone back” for not talking to them, etc.

    Either way, it’s still a great feature, it doesn’t force you guys to have to sift through thousands of profiles in order to delete them (which I might add keeps this service free). 🙂

    Good job guys. Maybe you should do a thing where you only look over profiles that were marked for ban (like a 3 strikes and you’re out thing) and you can then sift through the reasons or contact the user to see if the person really needs to be banned.

    I have no idea how your system works so I might be way off here, I’m just making random suggestions. 😛


  18. datingdna says:


    A user has to be reported a certain number of times, and within a certain time period, to be removed. So, the odds of a user being removed because a lot of people “accidentally” happened to flag the same user would be pretty remote. Likewise for the same user being flagged multiple times by someone who is “getting someone back.” In fact, the system will actually delete a user who indiscriminately flags lots of users.

    Anytime we spot check those who have been removed, 100% of the time we see infractions. We have yet to find even one person who was removed that shouldn’t have been.

    The bottom line is for those who behave in a normal, sane, courteous, common sense matter here, they will likely never get even one flag, let alone enough to delete them. Those, however, who post a nude photo, make obscene comments to users, etc., will usually be reported by lots of users, usually within hours of having done something, and they are quickly removed.

  19. Abdul says:

    Gotcha DDNA. 😉

    Thanks for the great service guys. 🙂

  20. Alex says:

    How can I report someone on the home page who has an obscene picture?

  21. datingdna says:

    Alex: Just email with their DNA #.

  22. Alex says:

    OK, didn’t notice the number there. Thanks!

  23. Dalton says:

    I was deleted today for no reason I mean what do I do about the people I started to really connect with? I mean I had a pic of my abs and if that go me deleted from the site then idk what you guys call yourselves. This is censorship!!

  24. datingdna says:


    You are under 18. Dating DNA is for adults 18 and over.

    Dating DNA

  25. Latia says:

    I just read everything today and I think this is such a great idea. Thanks for looking out for us. 🙂

  26. Shay says:

    The last dating social network site I left (tagged) let me meet a few interesting people. The bad thing about the site was that I had to weed through hundreds of people I would NEVER think of ever dating! I was floored with photos of penises, and constantly was approached by guys who typed there emails in IM’s talk! I’m almost 31 and that annoyed me most of all. wThere were a few crazies every now and them but I could simply block them from contacting me. I wish they had the same policy as this site. Would have saved me from having to delete my own site and disappoint all the actual cool friends I’d made while I was there. I had this pretty cool page and they let us make these taggs so I got to show my creative side as well. This is a GREAT concept and I really do hope it works! Kodos!

  27. Eric says:

    You guys rock!!!
    I tried many other dating sites and they are all filled with spammers and scammers or ads. Some have pictures of horses and sunflowers for their profile pic?? WTF??
    Some don’t know their own sex!
    You guys do a great job at filtering out the junk!
    Ive been a member for a few months now and everyone I met are real people, that’s amazing, NOT ONE FAKE!

    Keep up the great work!


  28. datingdna says:

    Thanks Eric. We work very hard at providing a system to keep the fakes out. Thanks to all those community members who take the few seconds to report offenders.

  29. Jacob says:

    This place is great! It is almost unreal that there can be a completely free dating community and have it be safe and clean. Every other free place is riddled with spammers and fake accounts.

    I have a suggestion:
    If someone doesn’t log into their account for over a few months, their account should be removed… Not deleted, just removed until they log in again.
    The only complaint I have is that there is quite a bit of abandoned accounts.

    Thank you! And I will be happy to support the continuation of the site any way I can.

    BTW: Have you tried advertising on Facebook at all? It is very inexpensive and should draw a lot of new members.

  30. datingdna says:

    Thanks Jacob.

    There is already a match setting that lets you only view users who have logged in within a specified period of time. If you turn that on, it will do what you’re looking for. (From the iPhone app, just go to the Matches tab and tap on Refine. From he website, click on the Matches tab and you’ll see the setting at the top of the page.)

    As for Facebook advertising, because we’re a free site, we have to pretty much rely on word of mouth to get the word out there about Dating DNA. The good news is we’re growing quickly and the word IS getting out.

    Thanks again,


  31. steffi says:

    reading this, mostly sounds fine, yet i have to question a policy that–on a dating site where a person can choose “anywhere in the world” as their dating geo limit–emailing “people from far away” could trigger deletion. um, isn’t that what’s supposed to happen? people are supposed to meet people online, then communicate to see if they hit it off? (btw, i haven’t had this happen, just wondering).

    while it’s goes w/o saying that site owners, like shop owners, can set their own rules (withing legality), i’m thinking that arbitrary and/or contradictory ones would tend to make the site not do well over time, unless it was already well established or was (and dating dna may fall into this category, for now) the only good site of its kind.

    also, you keep saying its free, but not if one buys the pro app at appstore. that’s a price, right? anyway, i agree for the most part with letting the community decide, but obviously there has to be at least a little modding by the owners—such as reviewing someone who gets banned for “emailing people far away” or some other thing that’s more a possible miscommunication than problem.

    of course, again, the people who made the site can do whatever they want. i’m operating on the theory here that dna is a work in progress like any new service and that they want feedback and will improve (an already pretty good) service as we all beta test their ideas.

    so there’s my two cents, and after this i probably will just do my thing, as i’m getting my macbook tomorrow and want to dive into it.

    great community, btw!

  32. datingdna says:


    We spot check how people report others, and 99.9% of the time it’s with good reason. For example, if someone in Holland emails someone in NYC and says, “Hi, I’m visiting NYC next month and would like to make some friends there, so I wanted to say hi. I see that we have a high compatibility score.” It’s very unlikely that the person in NYC is going to report that user. However, if someone in Egypt emails someone in Alabama with “Your gorgeous!” and that’s it, that would bump up the “annoying” indicator for the person in Alabama and may very well flag them.

    Users don’t just flag users for no reason. They do it because they felt what just happened, or what they read or saw was inappropriate. Like I say, we spot check reports and they are almost ALWAYS WITH merit. Because it takes several users to report someone before they are deleted, the system works very well. We don’t have time (or money) to police every user, so we have to let the community do it, and it tends to work well. The ONLY complaints we have ever gotten is from someone who was deleted, swears they didn’t do anything wrong, and yet when we investigate, we find they were in fact annoying and WE would have tossed them had they been contacting us in the same way.

    Communities don’t kick out well behaved individuals for no reason. They toss out those who they find annoying. It has worked very well for us so far.

    As for “free,” we say the Dating DNA WEBSITE and SERVICE are 100% free. They are. The $5 is simply an OPTION to the FREE service. If someone doesn’t want to pay that, they can use the free app OR the website, which has even more features than the $5 app has.

    Thanks for the input.


  33. iquanyin says:

    well, since my mac’s not here yet…i was thinking more about your photo thing (and please note mine on this reply section is inserted by gravatar, which is another service i use for general online avi’s). when i see a guy smoking a hookah, or making gang signs, or showing off his ginormous tatoo of mr happy “gushing” with joy, or standing in front of a truly gross tiny bathroom sink with his hand halfway down his trousers–i’m ok with that! why? because those people (and these are real ones) have just saved me some time. i should probably thank them, time being irreplaceable.

    also, if the community really is good at spotting fakes (tho i’m not sure how that’s verified), then removing them seems unnecessary. again, i’d rather see a “fake” and decide for myself if i think it’s creative, stupid, a sign of low confidence, or what have you. but i may be in the minority there.

    what i’d like to see is a way to set a parameter that just won’t go below a certain age threshold on what’s presented to you. i’m 49. i’m not interested in dating 22 year olds. because my personality meshes pretty well with the outlook of people of my sons’ generation, its a given that i will get a fair proportion of “matches” (and i’m set at 8.0) that, while perhaps true in a sense, aren’t my preference. but even this is no biggie, i just sigh and go on.

    also, if i were granted one wish here, it’s that you’d switch up the music on match game a bit. it’s really fun playing it, but after a time the tune gets stale.

    i do applaud how nice the site looks, it’s lovely ad and spam free-ness, and what seems like a generally high quality of users. hope you never do a redesign a la facebook ; )

  34. datingdna says:

    Again, it’s a COMMUNITY. If you like something, you don’t flag it, but if others in the community find it offensive, they have the right to flag it.

    I will say, there are some “violations” which are deleted immediately, such as nudity, being under age, etc. We’re trying to be a DATING site, not Adult Friend Finder.

    You already can set a “refine” filter by age, location, etc. on your Matches. Just check the box and set the age range you’re interested in.


  35. diveintothepool says:

    I love your decision to let the community decide on the content on the site this must really help to get a leg up on the sheer number of spammers that are out there trying to hurt all the free online dating communities.

  36. Dulce says:

    This is an excellent idea for a site and can’t wait to see how it evolves. I think another great idea would be to somehow penalize for copy and paste messages. Too many guys on dating sites sign up and have a form mail sent off to every profile in a 200 mile radius! lol

  37. Shay says:

    Im soo annoyed at the 19-22 year olds who keep emailing me and wont stop even after I say im not interested. Or the guys who are on here with thresholds of 2 trying to meet anyone with legs and get annoyed when I tell them I’m not interested. I wish there was also a block I could place on my profile that limits certain criteria such as age groups from even emailing me. Im 31 years old and I cant count how many times I have gotten emails from 19 year old kids who are interested in me even after I have clearly stated that I dont date that age in my profile. I never ignore emails so its just a waste of my time and theirs. Thresholds dont seem to be enough! We need other ways…

  38. datingdna says:


    Two things that we already have that it doesn’t appear you’re using.

    1. Raise your Threshold

    You should raise your Threshold much higher. You should set it to around 8.5 if you don’t want people outside your age range to see you in THEIR Matches and perhaps contact you.

    2. Block users

    You can easily block users at anytime from contacting you. To block a user:

    – Login to the iPhone App.
    – Find the user in your Friends List and pull up their profile page.
    – Tap on the Lock icon to block the user.
    – Once blocked, you can also delete that user from your Friends List if you wish, and they will remain blocked.

    – Login to website at
    – Find the user in your Friends List and pull up their profile page.
    – Tap on the Block tab under their profile photo.
    – Once blocked, you can also delete that user from your Friends List if you wish, and they will remain blocked.


  39. Shay says:

    That’s funny…how many 8.5 matches do you have Kevin? I am not trying to eliminate 99% of my matches…lol Just the annoying 19 year olds! Also, I have blocked someone and they can STILL email me. I just cant respond (or the block come off) so whats really the point if I still can see and read there email to me? There has to be more options. This site is too cool to tell me the only thing I can do it increase my threshold this blocking my profile for most people on here or use a block option that STILL lets the person contact me. Come on….

  40. Shay says:

    One last thing to go with the above threshold is at 7.5 and I like i said..i use the block as well. If the threshold goes any higher, I dont seem to be compatible with anyone in my area in my age range…The highest I have ever gotten was a 8.2 but I lived in a different state at the time. hope this helps. Great site..i just have those annoyances.

  41. datingdna says:

    My point is, if you raise your Threshold, that puts YOU in the driver’s seat and YOU can choose who you want to contact. You can still see hundreds of people in your Matches who YOU meet THEIR Threshold, but YOU can decided if you want to contact them or not. If you lower your Threshold, you’re basically allowing less compatible people to contact you.

    You have two choices: Low Threshold and understand many will contact you who you’re not all that compatible with. Or raise your Threshold and YOU contact those YOU’RE interested in.


  42. alialsaleh says:

    I love it….

  43. gary says:

    y would somone flag you for postin a fake photo, i will never know really what 99.9% of these people look like, seems pretty silly if i flagged somone who i thought had a fake pic, they might not be comerfortable showing their real selves.

  44. datingdna says:

    When someone puts up a fake profile photo, they usually don’t put up some plane, ordinary looking person, they put up some super model/super hunk. It’s actually pretty easy to tell (and why we have a “No Modeling Only” photo policy). Also, a user could meet someone in person, and realize that they have a fake photo, and if they get reported enough times for that, they get deleted. You’d be surprised how many users put up photos of Jessica Alba, Brad Pitt, etc. and think they won’t be flagged.

    If someone isn’t comfortable showing their real selves, then they can simply not upload a photo. We don’t require users to upload a photo, but we DO require it to follow certain standards if they choose to (G rated, of them, etc.).

    Dating DNA is for real people, and honesty is expected. There are plenty of other sites for those who want to live in fantasy land and pretend they’re someone they’re not.


  45. Bill W. says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Great idea for letting the community decide who is legit. But, I had a question. When I view a match, that lets say is a 7.5, and if I add this person, they usally match me with much lower score. So, is there a way to show, when one views matches, how one matches the other person, in the same score format. For instance, when I view matches, I see a single score, yet I don’t see if I match them. Changing this could reduce unwanted friend requests.

  46. datingdna says:


    Go to the News and Announcements forum and read the post (a few down) about “Deal Breakers.” That will explain why that is happening. What you can do is go to your Questionnaire and save one of the pages. This will force all your Matches to be rebuilt, but using the new scoring system with Deal Breakers. You will then no longer have that problem.


  47. Samiya says:

    i wz jus recently deleted for no reason

  48. datingdna says:

    Samiya, as per the email you were sent when the community removed your profile, you were deleted because you are 15 years old. Dating DNA is, by law, for adults 18 and over. No minors.


  49. Tylar says:

    I was just wondering how do u tell if users are under age I myself don’t look 18 to many and I think it could cause a lot of delete’s for no reason other than looking young when their really not.

  50. datingdna says:


    “We” don’t try to tell. As I mention in my post, we’re not a commercial company, but a non-profit “community.”  The community makes the judgment call.  Of course they have no way of knowing people’s age, so if someone looks underage, enough members in the community may flag that user and they are deleted.  Because of the seriousness of under age minors being harmed on the Internet, the community here errs on the side of “better safe than sorry.”  

    It’s not a perfect system, but it works well for our community.  Again, we’d rather err on the safe side of protecting minors.


  51. Jaelle says:

    Wow, so sadly I know the exact reason I was banned. I entered a chat room (worldwide) a few times, and after a while noticed that some regular members were poking fun at me being there. I guess it aggravated them that I joined the open chat and didn’t say anything. I guess this offended, and they delivered on their promise to delete me for being underage (I’m 20, actually).
    I think it’s pretty messed up you let members gang up on newer members like that. This was my first day on the app. I talked to maybe three people, so I know it wasn’t an issue of being creeped out, and all of them reporting me.
    I really enjoyed this app. Unfortunately, I guess I am not allowed to use it anymore.
    I guess I shouldn’t have entered the chat.
    I’d watch out for these same members reporting people. God knows how many OTHER countless people they ganged up on and got banned.
    Good luck with this. I will no longer use it, and I will suggest to my friends the same, as I’m sure they’ll dislike the whole “get deleted over nothing” factor.
    Terribly flawed.

  52. datingdna says:


    Actually, everyone who reported you said it was because you were underage. We looked at your photos and agreed. You looked well under 18.

    As I mentioned to Tylar above, we error on the side of protecting minors.


  53. Megan says:

    I was deleted for no reason. I just got this account and I haven’t even emailed anyone. I don’t understand why my account has been deleted. I have followed all of the rules.

  54. datingdna says:


    Dating DNA is for adults 18 and over.


  55. Posting a fake photo that’s not really you. ok your photo.

  56. datingdna says:

    Are you talking to me Mirza? Those are certainly my photos. Feel free to Google me, look me up on Wikipedia, etc. I also have videos posted on my profile. It’s pretty obvious that’s me. But, perhaps you were talking to someone else?

    Kevin Carmony

  57. ks says:

    I think it’s terrifying that there are all these people who are saying “i don’t know why my profile was deleted”. This means that they find their behavior appropriate. As a woman who has used this feature a few times already, I really is sad that the people I’ve reported may not know what they do…. sociopaths….

  58. datingdna says:


    They all know, but sometimes they don’t want to admit it. In fact, more often than not, we tell them more directly than the email above, and let them know specifically why they were removed (being underage, having a nude photo, etc.).


  59. John says:

    I just want to thank the people that run dating dna… because I feel it less likely to end up hearing the same old scam “parant died early, other moved to United Kingdom and raised…. now death in family….bla bla bla…. want to meet dream lover and have happy life….la la la la…” Delete away…DNA!

    If I had a dollar for every time I heard that….and I never spent much time on any of the sites……it just runs so rampant that you get initiated right away and often.

    Anyway, I am happy to feel that there is hope for sincere and honorable people that just want sincere/honorable people to respond. This way… the worst that can happen…you end up making new friends… and that aint bad.

    Ultimately… I hope that Dating DNA is a one-stop shop for the one that I know is out there somewhere because I believe there is someone for everyone.

    THANKS DNA! I like it just the way you have it.

  60. datingdna says:

    Thanks John. This is exactly what we hope to achieve. It would be impossible for us to catch everyone ourselves, but with the fast-acting community, it’s rare a fake user can get more than a handful of emails off before they are removed by the community. We have hundreds of thousands of users, and so far, it’s worked quite well. Most violators are removed within hours of joining.


  61. Jon Pryce says:


  62. datingdna says:


    You were removed for having a fake profile photo which came from:

    Dating DNA

  63. Haroun Kola says:

    I hope that more South African women join up to this site. The only people I’ve met are all from other countries, and so I’ve reached out to say “Hi” to them.

    Thus far, I’m still a member (hehehe) and I hope to continue to be so. Thanks for a great site Kevin 🙂

  64. Max rogen says:

    that survey took so long and i got deleted before i even got to meet somebody!!!! 😦

  65. datingdna says:


    As this blog says, we have ZERO tollerance for disrupting the community. The entire site, forums, and chat rooms are G RATED. You went into the chat rooms asking men how big theirs penis was, saying you wanted anal sex in crude terms, etc. That’s not what we consider G rated.

    There are plenty of other sites on the Internet for that sort of thing, but not Dating DNA.


  66. Steve says:

    Hey I think I was deleted for ur picture policy but since I’m deleted I figured I’d just speak my mind I tottally agree with ur nudity policy but seriously. How does a young guy showing off his abs offend people. I mean unless there are people who would recent them cause they don’t have them. If I was a girl exposing my breasts I would understand but correct if I’m wrong guys don’t have breasts and could walk around shirtless in this country. Anyways I’d say fix ur picture policy and this website may have a really good thing going 😉

  67. datingdna says:


    You can have all the shirtless photos you want, BUT they need to be in your SECONDARY photos, NOT for your main profile photo. As we have sent you messages about a couple of times, your main profile photo needs to be a headshot, from the neck up, that clearly shows your face, not your shirtless torso.

    Our photo policy is pretty simple and can be found here:


  68. Mayra says:

    Great job 🙂 I really like this site. Just follow the rules people, its not difficult.

  69. Steve says:

    I’ll be sure to follow the rules next time Kevin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Heather says:

    I feel this was not right he complained about me cause he kept callin me fat so I talked back about him this is unfair

  71. datingdna says:


    Problem is, you used the “F word” multiple times in the process. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    If someone is rude or attacks you on the site, simply 1) ignore them, and 2) report them. If they are out of line, THEY will be removed.

    The last thing you should do is start swearing back at them and then YOU get reported and removed. When that happens, they may have likely achieved the very thing they were going for.


  72. Bonita says:

    Hello I just finished the questionaire and did not write to anyone or even go anywhere on the DNA. I got the app and signed up, went straight to finish the questionaire and got banned?? I did not do anything wrong. May I ask why I was banned?

  73. datingdna says:

    Bonita: Multiple chat room violations.

  74. ibaned says:

    It’s crazy I was baned an I filled all the rules you guys have ignorant people who use it and are just looking to start shit you guys need a new fucking policy

  75. datingdna says:


    Ignorant? Hmmm…

    I think you’ve actually just shown why our system works so well, and that our users have a pretty good idea of what sort of people to keep out of the community. =)


  76. mary says:

    ha.. i love that all of these crazy people are saying that their account was deleted for no reason, and ddna is coming back telling each specific reason as to why… can you say BUSTED? (:

  77. datingdna says:

    Yes, for some reason those who get rejected seem to believe we want to just randomly delete profiles. How on earth would that make sense? If a user is deleted, it’s for good reason. Now, they may disagree (they may think it’s fine to post nude photos, spam other users, etc.), but we don’t.


  78. Laura says:

    Umm I didn’t do nothing wrong for me too be banded… And the whole g rated thing that’s soooo stupid like serously 18 there 40 they don’t keep nothing gcrated

  79. datingdna says:


    You sent offensive emails to users. I also think you’ve answered your own question for most people who read it. 😉 There are about 18 zillion sites on the Internet to be a pervert. I’m sure you can live without this one.


  80. TW says:

    I must say I love getting emails when new users post yelling how they were banned for no reason
    Then you follow up with shutting them down that’s what I call a “curb stomp” lol. I think the site is great and your doing a great job. Thanks for all the work 🙂

  81. Cory Hayslip says:

    What the hell did I get banned for exactly?! I think I should have the right to see who flagged me and why. I did NOTHING wrong, immoral or inapproriate. This app is a waste of memory on my iPhone. Just because I’m less than phyiscally desirable (aka ugly) doesn’t give the pretty people I say hello to the right to ban me. Some one needs to overwatch the flag claims so more people, who were just talking to others with civility (like me!) don’t get banned for false claims. This particular site/app is a waste of time, favoring the people who can more quickly click the ban button because they don’t like SOMETHING about another person who approaches them, and I doubt it’s a nasty comment that does it most of the time. I’m sure there are a multitude of happy couples forged from the passionate fires of “Dating DNA” but they must have known a trick I did not in order to not get booted from this fabulous community.

  82. datingdna says:


    You reported a lot of users for invalid reasons. That violates our terms of service. It appeared if someone didn’t respond to you, you would just report them. The system doesn’t work when people use the reporting system in that way. Our servers detect when someone is reporting a lot of users and we investigate. If they are reporting users without good reason, they are removed.

    Dating DNA

  83. Cory Hayslip says:

    That’s a ban-worthy trespass? How can terms like, “other” or “They just creep me out” be invalid, in that, it is my opinion? I flagged these people for, what I FELT were, valid reasons and I am the one that gets banned? This is an illogical argument by your system. Who dictates what are or are not “good reasons”?

  84. datingdna says:


    Common sense. If every guy flags every woman who doesn’t respond to their email, the system couldn’t work. Besides, if so many women on the site “creep you out,” you won’t miss us. =)

    Dating DNA

  85. Delayne says:

    I just got my acc set up this morning I didn’t even talk to anyone and I got banned. What did I do ?

  86. datingdna says:


    You were banned (for the fifth time I believe) for uploading a fake photo.

    Dating DNA

  87. John says:

    Please explain to me why I would have been deleted. I just got on last night after 36 days and have had 3 email replys…I don’t know how I could have complaints so fast, I think there is a flaw in your system. I understand you have the right to do so, I’d just like an explaination…Thanks…

  88. datingdna says:


    This is your third profile. As you know, the first two were deleted for you having attached fake photos (something we have ZERO tolerance for). After that happened, you were banned from the site. We are always improving the banning system, and it just now addressed your new, third profile.

    There’s an old saying, “Lie to me once, and I have to put a question mark after everything else you ever say.” Well, after TWO fake profiles, how can the community trust you now? Hence the banning.

  89. Dave says:

    I’ve banned for emailing so far away users ..that was because I want to why we can’t email ppl if they live far away where is the problem in that

  90. datingdna says:


    That’s not why you were banned. As per the email you were sent, you were banned for inappropriate comments in Chat (illegal drug use, etc.). The site is G-rated.

    Dating DNA

  91. Dave says:

    Thanks ,, u absolutely right ,at least I know why I am banned for and it’s a good reason .I shouldn’t have talked about things like this

  92. Sanrina says:

    My profile was deleted because I’m a transexual, that’s disgusting! There’s nothing weird or disrespectful about being a transexual, I was born into the wrong gender and I fixed that. I’m very angry about this and intend to make sure as many people know about this as possible. There was nothing distasteful or dishonest about my profile, there are just people out there who don’t like transexuals and that’s there problem. It’s not fair to discriminate against me because of that. Shocking

  93. datingdna says:


    We didn’t even know you were a transsexual (or care). Your account was banned because you had the following on your profile when describing why your last relationship ended: “He was a cunt” Our site is G rated.

    Dating DNA

  94. Nick says:

    I don’t understand why I was banned one second ivwas having a nice covo with someone about movies and then bam I was kicked off? What did I do?

  95. datingdna says:


    It appears the email address you signed up with was invalid. Our system removes users with invalid email addresses. We normally email users when they are removed, but naturally, when we don’t have a valid email address, that’s not possible.

    Dating DNA

  96. Angie says:

    Why can’t I get on DNA I am 28 please get back to me

  97. datingdna says:


    The Dating DNA site is G-rated. You had an obscene comment in your profile about watching men urinate. Such comments lead to users being banned. There are plenty of other sites for that. You might check out


    Dating DNA

  98. Gabriel says:

    What happened to my profile ? Why was my account banned ?

  99. datingdna says:


    Let’s just say the appropriate authorities have been notified.

    Dating DNA

  100. Gabriel says:

    Why is it taking so long to get response ?

  101. datingdna says:

    You got our response on March 8th, and it’s the only response you’ll be getting.

    Dating DNA

  102. Jack says:

    I havn’t done anythin wrong, I didn’t even use a swear word so why have I been banned

  103. datingdna says:


    You used words to get around the chat room swear filter. i.e. s**t. Our site is G-rated.

    Dating DNA

  104. April says:

    I have never seen so many poorly worded and ignorant questions in my life !!! LOL!! With every petty, nit picking, creepy complaint, I thank you more for this site. As a mental health professional, it’s very scary to think that these people may be viewing your profile!! Thanks Kevin for enforcing the rules and making this a great, safe site! It’s FREE And I feel safe! I will support this site and upgrade! A really good experience that I didn’t expect. I had one Nasty picture sent to me and it dissappeared before I could even report it! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! Haters can go to Craigslist to keep company!! THANK YOU!!

  105. Cassie says:

    What is published above seems to be a load of rubbish when it comes to my account. I hadn’t even been on for 24 hours and had my account banned for no reason! I didn’t offend anybody or use fake information or photos, I’m not a fraud and I’m certainly not a pervert! I was just a regular person looking to meet new people and that’s not worked out at all and I have no idea why! I’m just really disappointed with the site and wish for an explanation as to why I was banned. Is that really too much to ask?

  106. datingdna says:


    As per the email you were sent when removed, by law, online dating sites are NOT for minors, but for adults 18 or older.

    Dating DNA

  107. Courtney says:

    This is crap I don’t know who you people think you are but I think y’all are a bunch of hipocritical liars. I’m pretty sure in the state of texas you are an adult at 17 not 18. And how can you prove someone is under 18 anyways without hard proof… So you delete someone just exause someone “said” that the person they were talking to was under 18? There are liars in this world and you cannot trust ANYONE!!! Especially people on this dumb site!!! Dating DNA sucks balls!

  108. datingdna says:


    I think your post has just shown precisely why we don’t let little children on our site. ; -)

    Dating DNA

  109. Matt says:

    So what level of protection has been put in place for people abusing the reporting feature?

  110. datingdna says:


    The protection is that it requires a number of individuals before someone is removed. We have never found an instance where large numbers of users report the same individual for no reason. Anytime we spot check the system, we ALWAYS find infringement of the community standards.

    Dating DNA

  111. Paul Exon says:

    I was just wandering what your reason was for banning me from this site?I have been a member for 166 days with a clean record.Please explain your actions

    Paul Exon

  112. datingdna says:


    As per the email you received when you were removed, the action was taken for making sexually suggestive posts in the chat rooms. The site is G rated.

    Dating DNA

  113. Janice says:

    I look for people who are a fraud. I’ve reported two this weekend. I enjoy doing it. It’s my civic duty like a fireman. I always have evidence. BUT I am concerned that I could be deleted for flagging too many fakes. I hope that doesn’t happen as it is a great past time and who knows…maybe I’ll actually meet someone honest, local and highly compatible :o)

    Thanks DNA! Great site!

  114. datingdna says:


    We appreciate it. As long as when you report a user it’s legitimate, you don’t have to worry about being removed yourself. We do have a problem sometimes when someone will report others just because they didn’t respond to them, rejected them, etc., and if they do that on an regular basis, then yes, they could be removed. However, if someone is reporting users for legitimate reasons (spamming, inappropriate photo, suspected scam, etc.), then it’s nothing but appreciated.

    Thanks for your help in keeping the community legit.

    Dating DNA

  115. Lali says:

    ?? Hmm
    Well I’m new & read all these post & replies
    Seems the only safe thing to do is not do anything
    Go to chat get banned
    Email someone in the world get banned
    Post a picture get banned
    Bet I will get banned for not posting a picture
    Not sure I want to even try anything in this site, because you get banned
    What happen to our freedom of speach that we have by law ??
    Think you should inform violator of violation then ban if violations are repeated & not just poof gone
    We are all humans not robots & humans make mistakes
    I do see the good of having a strict site,but there needs to be oversite on enforcement of site rules
    From what I have read this site is like a mine field
    You never know when you might step wrong & get blown away
    The community rule leaves too open an area for misuse
    Make one person mad then they tell their friends to report you & boom your gone
    Way to open an area for misuse by people

  116. datingdna says:


    99.99% of the users never get reported even once. If you’re a responsible adult that knows how to control your language, doesn’t upload nude photos, doesn’t spam users, and can behave in a socially appropriate manner, you haven’t anything to worry about. Anytime we spot check those who are banned, we ALWAYS find legitimate infractions (nude photos, spamming, etc.), so the system seems to work very well. If you are so worried you’ll cross a line, then perhaps the site isn’t for you.

    As for freedom of speech, you have that. We’re not preventing you of saying anything you want, we’re just preventing you from saying it here, on our site, just like it wouldn’t be appropriate to talk during a movie at a theater. That’s where our freedom comes in. We have the right to set the community standards.

    No community is for everyone. If you’re looking for an adult site where you can say and do anything you want, there are plenty of those out there for you to choose from.

    Dating DNA

  117. Bill Powdar says:

    Hello was trying to get back in touch with member # 315-048-146 is it possible to get in touch with her. I was in communication with her and she just disappeared.

    Can you help me find her.

  118. datingdna says:


    That user removed their profile. We can’t provide any other info than that.

    Dating DNA

  119. Mickey says:

    What on earth happened to my account??? I’ve been “banned”? What gives??

  120. datingdna says:


    You uploaded fake photos of someone else. We have zero tolerance for fakes and frauds.

    Dating DNA

  121. Mickey says:

    Interesting… It was me in all of my photos, so I respondedto your answer with a question about how to rectify the situation. Strangely, not only have I not recieved a response, but my question was deleted from this thread? Why won’t you answer me? Hmm…

  122. datingdna says:


    Here are just a SMALL sampling of how just one of “your” photos is all over the Internet.

    So, unless you’re a very popular porn actress, we’ll assume the photos you uploaded were fake.

    Dating DNA

  123. Wow says:

    Having a read though some of these appeals and I have to say some of them are funny as hell XD

  124. n says:

    why have i been deleted?!

  125. datingdna says:

    n: As per the email you were sent at the time, you were removed for uploading someone else’s photo as your own.

  126. kiaora says:

    Hi..I have been in communication with 2 men in this website. The first man is nice but then I was not able to read his last email and all of our emails gone. The second man happened the same thing. I wonder why cause as far as I know we have been communicating in such a mature and polite way, and we didn’t do anything against the rule

  127. datingdna says:


    That simply means these people likely removed themselves from the site.

    Dating DNA

  128. Anonymous says:

    Dating DNA,
    Thanks for sharing why some “don’t make the cut”. This is the funniest (and most bizarre) thing I’ve read in a long time. Guess it really does take all kinds!!!!!!!
    LeiLei2 a new user

  129. Lora mcdaniel says:

    I appreciate the way this site is ran but but do not understand why I have been banned. I just opened it yesterday and didn’t even get to post a picture or anything else. I am 38 I have 3 kids I am divorced. My computer is fown so I am using my daughters iPod for now. I hope you can figure out this probl because I would enjoy joining this site I think it would be good for me. Thank you. £ora

  130. datingdna says:

    You are only 15. This is a dating site for adults. No minors are allowed.

  131. Ax says:

    I am still upset … If I knew what I was ban
    For then I would at least be able to it throu and say something about it … But just like this is not right …… I want an explanation …. Or I want my 5.00 dollars back …

  132. datingdna says:

    Ax: As was explained in the now two emails that have been sent to you, you were removed for obscene language in the chat rooms. The site is G rated.

    Dating DNA

  133. Melissa says:

    I was deleted for what???? Because I wouldn’t respond to every message I received? This is bs. I want to know the reason & would appreciate it.

  134. datingdna says:

    Melissa: As per the email you received, you uploaded a photo of someone that wasn’t you to your profile. It was a photo of Sofia Vergara.

  135. Chrissy says:

    I looked at the reasons but I was none of these is there a way you could Let me back on???

  136. datingdna says:

    Chrissy: You had uploaded photos of someone that wasn’t you.

  137. Kitty says:

    This website is stupid, I only joined two days ago and when I signed in today it said I was banned which is silly because I havnt violated any of the terms.
    Also I was talking to someone who I was getting on with really well, so that will never amount to anything now thanks to these stupid imbeciles that run this application.

  138. datingdna says:

    Kitty: You had created FOUR profiles, all with different names and information, one was even a man. We only allow one profile per user. Because we require users be honest about the information on their profile, having four different ones means at least one is not accurate, if not all four.

  139. Ugur says:

    Why am I banned
    I don’t understand
    I didnt do any Wrong think

  140. datingdna says:

    Ugur: We have zero tolerance for men who email women on the site for the first time with the only message being “Nice breasts!” (only using a even more offensive term). It’s this behavior that scares women away from online dating and why we have zero tolerance for it on our site. Last thing the men on the site want is having the women scared away.

    Dating DNA

  141. Anson says:

    I got deleted for no reason today since I started advising an under age kid of 13 years not to have a chat with unwanted thoughts she flagged me and got deleted … Is this the commity decides on me for being loyal Her DNA no is 475-973-091 I don’t want to disclose her name and I have send a request by saying save the kid from child molestors …Could I get a reason why I got deleted for not violating any of your policy …

  142. datingdna says:

    Anson: Actually, SHE reported YOU and sent us copies of the emails. She disclosed to you up front that she was only 13, but rather than reporting her immediately, you had sexual conversations with her. Yes, of course we removed her as well. If you lived in America, you’d be arrested for having such conversations with a minor.

  143. Anson says:

    I could see what’s happened 13 year old kid was smart to take a step ahead report me as a creeper lord and i respect the site for actions taken …..And I request you to recheck on the emails the conversation started I was decent enough to make her understand on what she was talking about …. I was having good relation with couple of people in DNA and now there is no way to communicate … You could check on my other emails and if possible remove me from ban or let me know how could I be member again …. Thank you

  144. datingdna says:

    Anson: We found the things you asked a 13 year old to do with you to be very disturbing. No, you will not be getting back on this site ever.

  145. I have to admit I’m quite impressed at Kevin’s detectiving skills in calling out people with BS photos and people saying they “did nothing wrong.” This comment thread has been quite amusing to read through and see him shutting down the naysayers.

    So far I’m enjoying the site. Just bought the 5 dollar app yesterday and am already talking to a kind-hearted young lady with a great smile. (maybe she’ll read this and blush). Anyway, I do agree that this place is a breath of fresh air in a heavily polluted, scary realm of free online dating

  146. datingdna says:

    Thanks Kyle. 99.9% of the user never have any problems and appreciate that we toss the .1% who do. Like the old saying goes, “All it takes is a few to ruin it for everyone else.”

    Dating DNA

  147. Anonymous says:

    I got reported for nothing

  148. datingdna says:

    Anonymous (Ryan): We reviewed your chat room log and it was pretty obvious to us why the users in there flagged you. If someone goes into the chat rooms and starts being rude to the users in there, they can expect to be flagged by those users and removed from the service.

    Dating DNA

  149. Ashley says:

    Hello my account just got deleted for the second time 😦 I’m 20 years old and only had a normal picture of my face. I didn’t even get to message anyone so I did nothing wrong! It’s not fair at all that you can delete me for no reason I deserve to use this site just as much as the next person.

  150. datingdna says:

    Ashley: You can only have one profile. You still have your original one. Only your new, second was was removed. There is no need for users to have two profiles with contradictory information about themselves. One, honest profile is all that is allowed.

    Dating DNA

  151. Anonymous says:

    ok sorry I will
    just reconnect me

  152. Ashley says:

    Ok sorry about that. I thought my first one was deleted I hadnt used it in almost a year but I’m back on it with updated info. Thanks

  153. Dianne Browning says:

    I have just found this site which I am very happy to read that members have made so many positive comments about the absence of scammers. Like many others that have been burnt on sites like where there appeared to be just scammers. I love that the phone app shows where the last known input was done.( it does show mine as Bangkok and I do live in Phuket ) My question to you is . I am currently living in Thailand and planning on going home to Australia in the next few months and I was hoping that I would be able to get to know some genuine people through this site before i move back. But after reading that many have been deleted because they are not in the local area I am a little concerned about getting in touch with anyone. I have stated clearly on my profile that I am currently living overseas .

  154. Jayden Tones says:

    I was banned before I even said a word fix this issue

  155. datingdna says:

    Jayden: As per the email you would have received from us at the time, the community banned you from the site for chat room violations.

    Dating DNA

  156. Saad says:

    I am banned for being a Pakistani muslim flagged by a lot of ex US forces ppl for defending my point of view for non-violence in the face of provocation. Great. Collective bullying on an international forum. Or was this just a US site? My bad.

  157. datingdna says:

    Dating DNA is more a community, and it’s up to each member to not offend others in that community, so many in fact, that several take the step of flagging that user for removal. A bit of common sense is required.

  158. Spencer says:

    I need some clarification on why I was banned. This is beyond irritating considering the fact that I read over the possible reasons, and I don’t believe I committed one infraction. Not to mention the fact that I was really getting to know someone well. It’s also rediculus that there isn’t even an appealing process to get
    Your account reactivated. I’m very disappointed with Dating DNA right now

  159. datingdna says:


    As per the email we sent you when you were removed, you were banned for having created a fake, second profile (Jason). We have zero tolerance here for fake profiles.

    Dating DNA

  160. Sary says:

    Hey DNA I got my account deleted,banned coz of some girl reporting me that I done something…it was a lie…you put that account back in place …it’s ridiculous ..I didn’t even swear…yuz can go back nd read the all chat convo that we spoke about…!!!i want that account back in place or a full refund!!! I’m pissed off badly..this app wasn’t 0.99c it was around 10.99$ I believe email me back on my email!!! :

  161. datingdna says:

    Sary: You were banned for comments you made in Chat. We reviewed the chat logs and found several inappropriate posts, including gay slurs, the “f” word, the “n” word, the “b” word, and even the “c” word, along with discussions about oral sex. The community isn’t interested in such users here.

    Dating DNA

  162. Eric Gant says:

    I was deleted for ZERO reason. Im over 18, didnt post pictures that arent me or offensive, havent been offensive in language, and live where i say i do. Its no fun to be shut out after spending two hours filling all the stuff out to make the profile FOR NOTHING. Its also pretty tacky to even allow a system where multiple people mightve caught a mistake (or whatever it was in my profile) and reported me on account of misunderstanding, and even more so that the banned message not only informs you of why you are banned, but rather a list of 20,000 possibilities of why you MIGHT have been banned. Im here to tell you before you reply to this, but I read the extensive “banned possibilities” list, and nothing applies to me or any policy breaking action that “multiple people” mightve reported me for.

  163. datingdna says:

    Eric: Your profile was removed because you can’t have two profiles on the system. Your other profile is still there. DNA #374-020-603.

  164. Zara says:

    I have done nothing wrong I have come to use this to find that I have been banned its silly

  165. datingdna says:

    Zara, the site is restricted to adults, 18 and over. Minors 17 and younger are not permitted.

    Dating DNA

  166. Lauren says:

    I just got banned for no reason? Unban me. I didn’t do anything wrong. I was having a great conversation with an individual. Thanks.

  167. datingdna says:

    Lauren: You posted a fake photo of a famous model. We have zero tolerance for that here. We hate fakes.

  168. Christinka says:


    I really didnt understand why i ve bern cancelled from the dating web site.

    Can I ve back my account???

  169. datingdna says:


    You used a photo of Natalie Portman for your profile. We have zero tolerance here for fake photos.

    Dating DNA

  170. franco says:

    hello! I was deleted for no reason. I would like an explanation for why they have done! never committed a sin and I want to restore my account!

  171. datingdna says:

    Franco, You kept uploading non-headshot photos, after repeated warnings.

  172. Anonymous says:

    Loving this site so far, and it definitely is refreshing to know that you filter out those who would not be a good match. I’m kinda new to the scene, but I originally found the WRONG dating site. Date Hookup is such a joke. Anyway, I am tired of running into nasty, creepy guys and it’s good to know that you’ve got my back. Good lookin out!!! Keepin it classy all day, everyday. Hopefully I’ll find what I’m looking for and write you a success story soon. Thanks again -Dana

  173. I was speaking to a few ppl and start to tell them te truth, the swore at my mother, like mj and smurf and they did not get bad, I find this outrageous that I got banned so quick, when they ganged up on me. Please resolve the matter. It’s evident on your website and chat forum . This is ridiculous that few ppl can gang up and get you banned on no factual grounds. I am in shock and awe

  174. datingdna says:

    Mohammed: We reviewed the chat log and agree with the community. You don’t belong in our system.

  175. Bill says:

    I guess I got rejected for emailing to many people far away from me I guess you wouldn’t want people talking that live far away from each other because that’s crazy somehow. With a limited number if users on this site there is hardly any close options anyway so most the people I met were farther away there were maybe 10 people close to me so I guess I’m not missing much at all by getting banned from this crappy app e harmony actually had a lot of members do banning people wasn’t ruining there site were this site needs way more members. Dating DNA sucks have fun with this lame app

  176. Deanna says:

    So I was deleted off this site for what reasons I don’t get it

  177. datingdna says:

    Deanna: Chat room violations.

  178. datingdna says:

    Bill: Actually, you were just creeping community members out. Your post gives some indication why. 😉

  179. Nkboy says:

    What reason for rejeact me I didn’t do any wrong thing please help me…

  180. datingdna says:

    Nkboy: Chat room violations.

  181. Devon drake says:

    I was blocked for no reason unless being off for a long time or accidentally deleting the app counts cause I was on for two days i talked to two people I had to get off for a while finally get to get back on and my account was deleted please explain

  182. datingdna says:


    You had uploaded a fake photo (photo of the model Alexis Ford). We have zero tolerance for fake photos on the site, and users who use fake photos are immediately banned.

  183. Kazim says:

    My account was deleted i dunno why ..i wanted to ask how i can make an account again ?
    One more thing i made new accounts several times and it says you got access to limited account what does that mean ?

  184. datingdna says:

    Kazim: You started a chat room to “exchange naked pics” as well as sending some creepy emails to women users. The community has banned you, as you’re not a good fit here.

  185. Mohamed says:

    I was deleted today for no reason. I read the reasons why i could have been deleted, and i dont find myself to fall into any of them. And it REALLY aggravates me because i was right in the middle of getting to know someone and then BAM! I was deleted.

  186. datingdna says:

    You kept contacting one of the female users on the site after she had politely told you she wasn’t interested in someone older and living in a foreign country. We have zero tolerance for men pestering the women on the site.

  187. Nedri salah says:

    I don’t know why banned me and block my count I would any one tell why? And what I gonna do to get back my count !

  188. datingdna says:

    Nedri: You were been banned from the system for contacting a woman and in your first email to her saying she had “nice boobs” and when she responded in disgust, you replied that you wanted to “suck on them.” We have zero tolerance for pervs on the site who scare away the women.

  189. i was been cancle for no good reason ,is not even up to 2 weeks I register this site what have I done wrong I am real and am trying to get the love of my life here pls free me am innocent .


  190. May says:

    I decided to sign up again for another acct as I’m trying to log in my first acct , it says my email not registered yet, so that’s why I have a new acct…that’s so unfair as I know myself I never gone wrong …. I always follow the rules , I’m only sign up 2 days ago … Very sad😩

  191. datingdna says:

    May: You can’t have two accounts. You already have an account that is working fine. If you need help to get logged in to your first account, contact

  192. Leslie Folk says:

    I have no clue as to why my account has been cancelled . I haven’t abused anyone or made any bad comment . So I would like to have an idea of what is is I am supposed to have done l

  193. datingdna says:

    All of the Dating DNA website and app are G-rated (See: Your profile contained adult non-G-rated comments, which is a violation of the terms of service for our site. You’ll have much better luck on other dating sites and apps if you’re looking for hook ups, etc., than our site. It’s designed for long-term relationships.

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