Why the Dating DNA site is “G-Rated”

October 4, 2009

The entire Dating DNA site is “G Rated.”  This means any of the public areas must not contain anything offensive to a “general audience.”  (No nude or suggestive photos, no profanity or adult language in the forums and chat rooms, etc.) For example, our Forums and Chat Rooms have a filter to screen out potentially offensive, non-G rated language.  Profiles with non-G rated photos are quickly deleted, and so on.

However, even though the site is G-rated, you must also be an adult (18 years or older) to have a Dating DNA account.  So, we often get asked the question, “If only adults are on this site, why does it need to be G rated?  We’re all adults here, why make us hold back and keep things G?” We get asked this question enough, I thought it time to address it in our blog.

First, let me address why Dating DNA only allows adults, 18 and older to join:

In many states, the “age of consent” is 18.  Because we are a dating site with the intention of helping people meet for dating and relationships, we don’t think it’s appropriate to mix minors and adults together.  We also don’t think it’s proper for us to be creating a dating environment for a minor without their parent’s consent and involvement.  For these reasons, to obtain a Dating DNA account, you must acknowledge that you are at least 18.  (If you find minors on the site, please report them so their account can be closed.  You can learn about Dating DNA’s community monitoring and reporting here.)

Next, let me address why Dating DNA is 100% G-rated:

To do this, let’s look at a hypothetical situation.  Suppose a creepy old pervert peeks his head into the doorway of two clubs that are right next to each other.  The first club is well lit, full of people nicely dressed, all of which are smiling, laughing, and discussing sports, music, politics, and the news of the day.  The second club is dimly lit and filled with people scantly dressed, drunk, telling obscene jokes, and swearing profusely.  Which of these two clubs do you think this pervert will enter and spend the evening?

The same is true of websites.  If a website is full of nude photos, swearing, and obscene language, it will attract the perverts and repel those sincerely looking for someone compatible to date.   If you don’t believe me, just check this out:  Craigslist NYC Personals – Men Seeking Women.

We created Dating DNA to help sincere singles find someone compatible for dating.  Even though we have chat rooms, games, and other fun and interesting things to do on the site, the main goal for our site is always to find compatible dating opportunity for sincere singles.

Because Dating DNA is a free service (no fees, no credit card needed, etc.), it’s very easy for anyone to get an account.  This means someone could join, go into the chat rooms, and start being offensive to everyone without fear of their identity being discovered or losing any money.  This is why most “free” dating sites don’t work. They quickly become over run with the lowest common denominator of perverts, fakes, spammers, etc.

We knew when we set out to create a free service with Dating DNA, this would be our biggest challenge:  How do you have a free dating site, yet keep out the pervs, spammers, and fakes? We made solving this dilemma our number one priority.  You can read the very first blog I ever penned for Dating DNA here:  Zero Tolerance for Perverts, Fibbers, Fakes, Spammers, and Scammers.  We then put into place our community monitoring, which you can read about in my blog here:   Community Monitoring: The Dating DNA Community Decides Who to Reject.

As with my example of the two clubs earlier, by keeping Dating DNA 100% G-Rated, we are more likely to attract the sincere singles and repel the perverts.  By enforcing our G-rated community standards, our user base becomes larger and larger with these sincere singles, while the number of perverts, fakes, gamers, etc. gets smaller and smaller.  There are thousands of places on the Internet for the sexually-oriented crowd to chat and meet, we want Dating DNA to be one of those rare places where sincere singles can make compatibility the focus, not just sex.

Kevin Carmony
Founder, Dating DNA
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