Dating DNA Community Standards

Dating DNA is known for (and very proud of) its active, friendly and positive user Community. This is due in large part because the Community has set standards and guidelines which Members have been diligent in upholding.

The Dating DNA Community wants to be a place that offers the widest latitude in the expression of thoughts, ideas and suggestions. However, some lines are drawn to make this a constructive, non-offensive and friendly place where ALL feel welcome.

Below are the simple etiquette guidelines that comprise the Dating DNA Community Standards. We thank all in advance for their thoughtful and conscious adherence to these simple guidelines as they interact with their fellow Dating DNA Community members on the Chat Wall, Forums, through Emails, and so on.

If you have any questions about these Community Standards, etiquette or Terms of Service, please feel free to email us.

Thank you,

Founder, Dating DNA

Site-wide Messaging Etiquette

Please comply with the below Community standards when communicating with other Members.  These standards apply site wide, and cover the Chat Walls, Forums, Email Messages, User Names, Profiles, Photos, and so on.

1. Keep it “PG.”

Just like “PG” movies are appropriate for a wider audience than “R” rated movies, we want the Dating DNA site to be enjoyed by as wide an audience as possible, so please keep all your communications with Community Members on a “PG” level. The site is family-friendly, and foul language and obscene images are not appropriate.

2. Common Courtesy.

Please treat Dating DNA, its employees, volunteers, fellow Community Members, and guests on the site with courtesy and respect.

a. Spiteful, hateful, offensive, or mean-spirited posts are inappropriate.
There is certainly nothing wrong with a good debate over current events, politics, philosophy, and so on, but it is our desire that such discussions remain constructive and insightful, rather than name-calling, putting down others, etc. Offensive terms and language should always be avoided. Common courtesy and respect will keep our Community a welcome place for everyone.

b. Please be particularly respectful with communications involving sex, race, religion, and politics.

These topics can easily create division and polarize the Community, which is not a positive thing. However, these are perhaps some of the most important topics.  In the best interest of the overall Community, you should exercise great care when messaging about these topics.

c. Take the high road and make life-long friends!
Take the high road and make life-long friends.  If you disagree with something or someone, please respond in a respectful way. If enough Community members take the “high road” and avoid the negativity, it will help to continue fostering the helpful spirit our Community has always enjoyed. It’s easy to “cut loose” in written form on a Chat Wall or Forum, but if the Community works together, everyone can make new friends, share ideas, and help make Dating DNA better. Making a new friend can be far more rewarding than proving you’re right.

3. Make posts in the appropriate area.

Please try to keep Chat Wall posts “on topic” and in the appropriate location. Moderators will move any misplaced posts to their appropriate location. The Sand Box should be used for “off topic” discussions. We also ask that you refrain from “cross posting” — placing the same post on multiple Chat Walls. The moderators will move or delete multiple copies of the same post.

4. Advertising and promotional links are inappropriate.

We do not permit commercial advertising or promotional links in the Dating DNA Community. Please refrain from posting links to business auctions, sales, stores, or promotions. Keep the material you share here “informational” not “promotional.”

5. Keep it legal.

Please don’t violate any copyright, trademark, or other laws.  Please report any such suspected activity to Dating DNA.

Terms and Conditions

Fortunately, the above Forum Etiquette is all that is needed for the vast majority of Community members. However, should a Community Member consciously behave in a manner contrary to the forum etiquette, their privileges to participate in the Community will be revoked. Moderators will help in determining if such action is warranted, but the actual removal will only be taken by staff at Dating DNA.

An individual usually knows when they’ve crossed the line. Moderators will delete/move any posts that do in fact cross that line and violate our Community Standards. Any post can be deleted or moved at the Moderator’s discretion. If an individual ignores the Community Standards, the offending individual will be removed from the Community permanently.

The Community Standards are meant to serve as a set of Guidelines to help the Community and the Moderators maintain a fun, helpful, positive and family-friendly environment. These “rules” are not set in stone or meant to be taken literally word-for-word. Every thing that comes up in the Community is unique and the Dating DNA Staff and the Moderators will interpret the Guidelines on a case-by-case basis depending on the situation. We will do our best to maintain a fair, open, fun, and friendly Forum that reflects the spirit of the Dating DNA Community.

Learn more about Dating DNA’s full Terms and Conditions.


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