Why Dating DNA Doesn’t Have Ads on Our Site like PlentyOfFish and Others

December 1, 2008

Dating DNA is not only 100% free to use, but we also don’t do any advertising on our site.  Because we’re run by volunteers and funded internally, we currently don’t need to charge or run ads.  I’m glad this is the case, and here’s a good example why.

I just took this screenshot from PlentyOfFish.com:

Screenshot from a User's Profile on PlentyOfFish.com

Screenshot of a user's profile page on PlentyOfFish.com

Now, look closely at this section…

Inappropriate ad displayed right next to user's profile photo on PlentyOfFish.com

Inappropriate ad displayed right next to user's photo on PlentyOfFish.com

The photo to the left is of a legitimate user on PlentyOfFish.com, but the text to the right is a Google Ad.  If you were a female on a dating or social networking site, would you want this text next to your profile photo?!?! “Meet Lonely Married Women–Housewives Looking for Fun and More–30% Of Wives Cheat.”

I hope our users enjoy the fact that not only is our site free from cost, it’s also free from these type of ads running next to their profile, or anywhere else on our site.

As always, I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts about this and hope you’ll discuss it with me and other users on the Chat Walls here.


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